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Outside Reading Top Ten!!!

Andrea Laguans

Mr. Hatten

English 10

January 16, 2008

Top Ten

1. The main character in my book Beautiful Stranger is Anna. She is a beautiful, confident and intelligent girl from the east cost. Her parents are divorced he mom lives in New York and her dad moved to Los Angles. She went to Los Angles to be with her friend Sam, i mean to visit her dad, and also to reinvent herself. Then she met Ben, her friened Cammie's ex boyfriend, in L.A. and quickly developed a relationship with him. Things started to look bad for her in Los Angles when Ben broke up with her, she was devastated.She felt the need to return home, to New York and that’s when the plot plays out.

2. A main event was when Anna was torn between Ben and Logan. She left Logan in his limousine, when Logan handed her a ticket to go to Indonesia with him. She walked off to find, her ex-boyfriend, Ben, against the wall with her ‘good friend’ Cammie. It was then she realized that Ben was not the guy and ran after Logan. She hurried to the airport with her plane ticket to meet up with Logan. She didn’t know for sure if Logan was on the plane, but she took a risk for once in her life and got on.

3. The setting of this book is very versatile taking you from one end of the United States to the other. New York to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles it is a very crazy place with lot of commotion. It gets chaotic with party scenes and clubbing. Its all about appearances and being in the party scene. In New York it’s a lot more homey and friendly with cozy atmosphere. You feel like your at home with cobble stone streets and a fimilar face everywhere you turn.

4. Another main character is Sam. She is a bit insecure and has a low self esteem because of her looks. She has been dating a guy named Eduardo for a while. She was expecting for him to break up with her, but she received the surprise of a lifetime and he purposed to Sam. This boosted her self esteem in many ways.

5. A motif in Beautiful Stranger is ulterior motives. For example Sam has an ulterior motive for going to New York she told Anna she was going to go to comfort her and to get away from L.A.’s crazy life but in reality she just wanted to go to spy on her fiancĂ©, Eduardo, and see if he’s really on a business trip. Cammie also has ulterior motives for financing Ben on his dreams of owning a night club she wants to get back together with him because she has just broken up with a boyfriend and it hurt her deeply so she wanted to feel better about her self by hanging out with Ben and thinking as little possible about her ex boyfriend.

6. Cammie is another friend of Sam and Anna’s she grew up in Los Angles and is extremely wealthy. She dated Ben before Anna and broke up with him (that’s when Anna started to date him). Ben had an amazing idea of a club with a complete vision in mind that needed to be funded. After he broke up with Anna he started to seek Cammie’s company again he pitched the idea to her and it flew. She took millions of dollars out of her trust fund to back him and to build Bye, Bye, Love nightclub. It was a huge success not only financially but personally considering they got back together after the venture.

7. Money is a plays a big role in this book. Everyone has money they basically live and breathe money. All the characters in the book are shaped by their money and their lives are focused around their money. It’s very Edina like except for like Edina time 10.

8. A motif in this book is living you life a pre determined life. Like, for example Anna had always known she wanted to go to Yale and she finally got in but Ben shot her down by telling her she was just living out her patents’ dreams and not her own he also told her that she was not her own person and that made her doubt her self. That’s when Logan came into her life and told her she could do any thing she wants to do in life.

9. The plot of my book Beautiful Stranger by Zoey Dean. It is about two girls who get board of Los Angeles, so they move out to New York. Best friends Anna and Sam, Sam’s fiancĂ© is going on business to New York. So Anna and Sam decide to go to NY to stay in Anna’s house. They wanted to escape from Los Angeles’s fast pace crazy life. In New York they meet Anna’s grade school friend, Logan. Immediately they reconnect and remember on old times together. Logan and Anna are attracted to each other. They date but end things because Logan’s father owns a hotel in Indonesia, and he has to go there. The book leaves us with a cliffhanger ending leaving us wondering if Anna will go with him to Indonesia.

10. Another reoccuring theme in this book is like in math a negative for a positive. For example Anna lost Cammie as a friend because she was manipulative. But she gained Logan who is the love of her life. In the end the things worked out for her although it left me in suspense.

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