Monday, December 17, 2007

Outside reading post #6

Part A:

uncanny:Of a mysteriously strange and usually frightening nature pg 158
altruism: Kindly, charitable interest in others pg 162

Outside reading post #5

Part A:

haute:Fashionably elegant pg 121
mahogany:Any of various tropical American evergreen trees of the genus Swietenia, valued for their hard, reddish-brown wood. pg 127

Outside reading post #4

Part A:

invigorating:Producing or stimulating physical, mental, or emotional vigor. pg 85
Ebola virus:An extremely contagious filovirus causing an acute, usually fatal hemorrhagic fever and spread through contact with bodily fluids of infected persons and by airborne particles. pg 92

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Outside Reading Post #3

Part A:

wryly:Marked by or displaying contemptuous mockery of the motives or virtues of others. pg 31

ventured:To expose to danger or risk: ventured her entire fortune. pg 39

Outside Reading Post #2

Part A

retro:A fashion, decor, design, or style reminiscent of things past. pg 1
lavish:To give or bestow in abundance; shower: lavished attention on his customers. pg 7

Part B:

I really like this book, immediately I was hooked. Although there are a lot of characters and i sometimes get confused. I think it’s really cool how they live like celebrities and they have millions of dollars.

Outside Reading Post #1

Beautiful Stranger By: Zoey Dean
Published: 2007
Number of Pages: 269
This book is an A list novel and is also the New York Times bestselling series.
I chose this book because the cover was colorful and it caught my eye then when i picked it up i read the summary on the back and it seemed intresting so i bought it.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Post 2 for "The Sea Inside"

This movie drastically compares to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Both of the main characters are quadripligic's, they both agree that bening locked in is horrible, they both write books. But one main difference is that Ramon can speak and he articulates that he wants to die. Bauby also wants to die to an extent but he is not so blunt about it.

Post 1 for "The Sea Inside"

My reaction to this movie was shock. I could not believe that Ramon wanted to die, but after listening to his point of view and how he saw a quadripligic's life undignified i understoon why he wanted to die. Personally if i was one of his family members or friends i would not of killed him no matter how badly he wanted it. It is a sin to kill someone and or to take your own life away.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Summary for part 3

Up to where I am so far in the book much had happened. Her mother insists something is worong with her so she goes to the doctor the "figure out" what is wrong with her. Her parents often fight, very severly.Her mother lies to her father about things the kids did and she provokes her father to beat both of them (her brother and her). Her mother looks for ways to make more money anyway she can. They bring old veteransto take care of them because they came with a check attached at the end of the month. Now her mother insisits that her healthy little brother, Danny, has asthma but her father won't allow her mother to corrupt Danny the way she did with Julie (the author).

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reading Blog # 2

10 Loaded Words:
-slaves: pg 48

the word is negative i think she was trying to emphesize how hard her mother made her work

-sticky glazed donuts: pg48

these words are negative in the context they are used in she used this word to elaborate how she felt after a day of working for her mom

-isolation:pg 50

this a negative word she used to emphazise where they lived which was out int the country it was also refered to as the "hideaway"

-filthy:pg 53

this is a negative word used to elaborate used to describe how dirty they were after working on their house

-bastard: pg 55

this is a negative word Julie's mom used to describe Julie's dad it shows the type of behavior and language she grew up with

-cancer: pg 63

this a a negative word she would be happy if she had cancer so her mother would "lovingly" take care of her

-disability: pg 66

this is a negative word she used this word to describe a man

-drugged:pg 67

this is a negative word she used to describe men

-gun: pg 81

this word is negative its usually assoated with killing she used this word because he dad had one

-kill: pg 82

this is also a negative word her her mother and father were threating to kill eachother thats why she used the word

Reading Blog # 1

Sickened: Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood

-she's sick
-doctor's say theres nothing wrong with her; mother insists she's ill
-lives in a trailor
-mother got married away at the age of 17 to a man names smokey
-smokey dies Mother (sandy) meets Julie's dad Dan
-She had a Doctor named Dr. Phillip her mother took her to him often
-she had "migrains"
-she snapped both of her wrists
-Danny her little brother is born
-her migrains go away

I'm a little confused about the book. It jumps around alot. Other than that the book is very intresting and i think after the begning it'll go more in order. I am excited to read this book.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This I believe...

2. Wayne Coyne
3. Creating Our Own Happiness
4. He believes we can all make our own happiness
5.- witnessed a couple waiting at a bus stop; it was cold outside despite the wind they were laughing and being happy.
-worked at longjohn silvers for 11 years at a fry cook; witnessed sections of peoples lives; atleast he had a job.
6."...try to be happy within the context of the life that we're actually living..."

Thursday, September 6, 2007

One goal for myself in my sophomore year is ...

One of the goals i have set for myself is to get straight A's. I know it will be difficult but it is a challenge I am willing to take in order to succeed this year. I would also like to be organized in every aspect of my life.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is ...

I am most anxious about meeting new people. I am now in a more diverse environment, and i am very excited to meet everyone in the High school. I think it is going to be nice to have a variety of friends.