Sunday, October 28, 2007

Post 2 for "The Sea Inside"

This movie drastically compares to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Both of the main characters are quadripligic's, they both agree that bening locked in is horrible, they both write books. But one main difference is that Ramon can speak and he articulates that he wants to die. Bauby also wants to die to an extent but he is not so blunt about it.

Post 1 for "The Sea Inside"

My reaction to this movie was shock. I could not believe that Ramon wanted to die, but after listening to his point of view and how he saw a quadripligic's life undignified i understoon why he wanted to die. Personally if i was one of his family members or friends i would not of killed him no matter how badly he wanted it. It is a sin to kill someone and or to take your own life away.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Summary for part 3

Up to where I am so far in the book much had happened. Her mother insists something is worong with her so she goes to the doctor the "figure out" what is wrong with her. Her parents often fight, very severly.Her mother lies to her father about things the kids did and she provokes her father to beat both of them (her brother and her). Her mother looks for ways to make more money anyway she can. They bring old veteransto take care of them because they came with a check attached at the end of the month. Now her mother insisits that her healthy little brother, Danny, has asthma but her father won't allow her mother to corrupt Danny the way she did with Julie (the author).