Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Outside Reading Post #3

Part A:

wryly:Marked by or displaying contemptuous mockery of the motives or virtues of others. pg 31

ventured:To expose to danger or risk: ventured her entire fortune. pg 39

Outside Reading Post #2

Part A

retro:A fashion, decor, design, or style reminiscent of things past. pg 1
lavish:To give or bestow in abundance; shower: lavished attention on his customers. pg 7

Part B:

I really like this book, immediately I was hooked. Although there are a lot of characters and i sometimes get confused. I think it’s really cool how they live like celebrities and they have millions of dollars.

Outside Reading Post #1

Beautiful Stranger By: Zoey Dean
Published: 2007
Number of Pages: 269
This book is an A list novel and is also the New York Times bestselling series.
I chose this book because the cover was colorful and it caught my eye then when i picked it up i read the summary on the back and it seemed intresting so i bought it.