Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reading Blog # 1

Sickened: Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood

-she's sick
-doctor's say theres nothing wrong with her; mother insists she's ill
-lives in a trailor
-mother got married away at the age of 17 to a man names smokey
-smokey dies Mother (sandy) meets Julie's dad Dan
-She had a Doctor named Dr. Phillip her mother took her to him often
-she had "migrains"
-she snapped both of her wrists
-Danny her little brother is born
-her migrains go away

I'm a little confused about the book. It jumps around alot. Other than that the book is very intresting and i think after the begning it'll go more in order. I am excited to read this book.


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